Winter Activities for the Whole Family

A family of snowmen, with the smallest one doing a headstand.

At last, it’s time again to hear the crunch of snow beneath your boots, the rumble of sleds down slippery hills, and the elegant jingles of holiday decorations going up around the house.

At ClearHome, we understand the winter season can bring memories, traditions, and family time. That’s why we want to share some of our best ideas for fun winter activities so you can maximize the joy you experience this winter with your loved ones. It is the season of giving, after all.

The Bliss and Busyness of Winter Activities

You probably don’t need us to tell you this, but some winter activities require more work and preparation than others. In our exploration of fun winter activities, we want to provide you with a variety of both so you can have different options at your disposal.

Winter Activity #1: Build a Snowman

Grab your gloves, buttons, carrots, and creative ideas, and head outside to make a snow sculpture. While the classic snowman is a must after the first accommodating snowfall of the year, don’t let your imagination stop there. Create an entire snow family, a snow dragon, or a hideaway fortress.

A good snow at the right temperature is like working with clay. Let your kids’ imaginations run wild!

Winter Activity #2: Make Hot Chocolate

What’s winter without a hot beverage to keep you company? While some of us might prefer apple cider or peppermint coffee, hot chocolate is a season staple.

Fortunately, hot chocolate is easy to make, with plenty of recipes online to experiment with. When you’re done, snuggle up with a blanket and your friends or family and enjoy a Christmas classic movie night.

Winter Activity #3: Decorate a Christmas Tree

Do you want to enjoy a fun winter activity without having to go out into the cold and mess with the snow? We have an idea for you.

Few winter traditions are as long-standing as decorating your Christmas tree. From the lights to the ornaments to the star at its crown, your tree is whatever you want it to be. Just make sure you’re decorating responsibly. Don’t overload any of your outlets, which could create electrical hazards.

Winter Activity #4: Go Sledding

For this one, you’ll need to purchase a sled or two and find a good hill nearby. Once you’ve got those down, dress up in your warmest gear and get out there. This is the most high-thrill option on our list and, for many, the most fun. Remember to use sleds responsibly and keep a close eye on your kids.

If handled with care, this can easily be one of the best bonding experiences and most fun winter activities you can do.

Create Your Favorite Winter With Winter Storage

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