Protection Plan Frequently Asked Questions

Much like renter’s insurance or homeowner’s insurance, the ClearHome Protection Plan is a way for customers to protect the value of their belongings in case of an unexpected loss when they store with ClearHome.

Customers are required to protect their items through either the Protection Plan or through a third-party private insurance policy.

ClearHome offers three different plans and coverage options. Our Basic plan provides up to $1,000 in protection, our Standard plan offers up to $3,000, while our Premium plan offers up to $5,000 in coverage.

Coverage for damage to personal belongings generally includes loss of belongings due to theft, vandalism, and water, fire and smoke, pest, and weather-related damage. Limitations to these coverages are located in the ClearHome Self Storage Protection Agreement.

The Protection Plan is not insurance, but rather a program we offer to our customers to cover the value of lost items in case of an unexpected event. Our plans carry no deductible in the event of a loss, and rates to the program are never raised if a claim is filed. Some insurance policies provide very limited coverage and most are not tailored to the needs of customers storing their items offsite, while the ClearHome Protection Plans provide coverage to fit the needs of our storage customers.

You may call our storage experts to discuss a plan that best fits your needs and your budget or feel free to browse our prices when reserving your storage unit with us.