Student Storage Solutions Over Summer Break

Summer break brings several storage challenges for students. A summer storage unit from ClearHome may be the perfect solution for you. A young woman takes a break from studying using her books, laptop, and notebook while sitting on the grass.

As summer break approaches, college students across the country face the challenge of figuring out what to do with their belongings. You may be heading home, traveling, or taking an internship in a different city. Either way, finding a secure place to store your items is crucial. Today, we’ll explore why renting a summer storage unit is an excellent choice for students and how a college storage unit can help you make the most of your summer. 

Why Rent a Summer Storage Unit

College students have much to gain through self storage, which offers an unmatched level of flexibility and affordability. This flexibility is twofold, starting with the convenience of month-to-month leases. 

Varying academic schedules and summer plans make every student’s storage needs unique. With ClearHome’s month-to-month leases, you can keep your belongings ready but out of the way for exactly as long as you need without being tied down to long-term commitments. Whether you need storage for the entire summer or just a single month, ClearHome can accommodate your schedule and provide a hassle-free storage solution built around your plans. 

A Generous Selection of Sizes

The second type of flexibility ClearHome offers is in the range of storage unit sizes available at our storage facilities

Many college students need only a small amount of storage space for items like clothes, bedding, and personal belongings. In these cases, a 5×5 or 5×10 storage unit is an ideal choice. These compact yet capable storage areas provide ample space for your essentials while being cost-effective, allowing you to spend on the space you need and save on the space you don’t.

In other situations, such as moving out of a dorm or into a new apartment, you may require more storage space for larger items like tables, chairs, bed frames, and other furniture. ClearHome has you covered here as well. Larger units, such as 10×10 or 10×15, offer the additional space needed to store bulkier items. For even more significant storage needs, units up to 10×30 and beyond are available so you can find the perfect fit for your requirements. 

What Do Students Store in Their Units?

Students store a variety of items in their units, depending on their needs and living situations. Commonly stored items include clothing, bedding, and personal belongings, which can easily fit into smaller units like 5×5 or 5×10. These items are often stored to free up space in the student’s current living arrangements or to keep belongings secure during summer break.

Those needing storage for dorms or a secure area to keep their furniture while moving between apartments store larger items such as furniture, electronics, and kitchen supplies at our facilities. Items like desks, chairs, mattresses, and appliances can take up a significant amount of space, making larger units a necessity.

Another important consideration for students is climate control. Climate-controlled units are beneficial for storing items that are sensitive to temperature fluctuations, such as electronics, musical instruments, books, and important documents. By maintaining a consistent environment, climate-controlled units help protect your valuables from potential damage caused by extreme weather conditions.

Make the Most of Your Summer Break With Self Storage

The stress of moving and storing your belongings does not have to overshadow your summer plans. ClearHome is here to help you every step of the way, offering convenient and affordable storage unit options for college students designed to fit your needs. Find a ClearHome facility near you and take the first step toward a clutter-free, worry-free summer break.

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