Decluttering 101: A Beginner’s Guide to Conquering Clutter in Any Room

A concept of a dirty living room with clothing on furniture and the floor.

Welcome to Decluttering 101, your strategic roadmap to achieving a clutter-free and organized living space. In a world filled with “might-need-it-somedays,” this guide will help you reclaim peace and embrace the joy of minimalism. We will explore how to organize your home room-by-room, providing decluttering tips, organization strategies, and space-maximizing hacks along the way so you are prepared to reclaim the living space in your home.

Getting Started in the Living Room

Begin your decluttering journey in the heart of your home—the living room. This communal space often accumulates miscellaneous items from magazines to remote controls. Start by evaluating each item’s necessity and find designated storage solutions. Incorporate decorative storage bins or a coffee table with built-in storage to keep essentials within reach but out of sight.

You may also consider implementing a “one in, one out” rule for items like decorative pieces to maintain a harmonious balance. If you add an item to a room, remove another to avoid accumulation and clutter.

How to Maximize Space in Your Kitchen

Well-organized kitchen cabinet with containers and labels

Let’s move into the kitchen, where clutter can quickly accumulate. Tackle the pantry first by organizing items into categories and utilizing clear containers for easy visibility. Harness the potential of the vertical space in your kitchen with shelf organizers to maximize storage.

You can also simplify your utensil drawer by keeping only the essentials and consider installing hooks for pots and pans to free up cabinet space. You can even free up a drawer for additional storage space.

Seasonal Clothing Storage in Your Bedroom

Your bedroom should be a sanctuary, not a storage unit. It is an all-too-common habit for people to keep all their clothes in their closet throughout the year. Considering how your winter hats and snow boots see little use in the summer while your swimsuits and shorts stay hidden during the winter, why hold on to them all year long?

The first step you can take to declutter your sleeping space is to evaluate all your clothing items and donate clothes you no longer wear and store seasonal pieces. Utilize under-bed storage containers for shoes or accessories, and consider a minimalist approach to furniture – less is more when creating a serene atmosphere. If you simply do not have enough space in your home for your extra clothes and bedding, a ClearHome storage unit at a storage facility near you may be the perfect solution.

Bathroom Decluttering Tips

Moving on to the most useful room in your home, let’s streamline your morning routine by decluttering your bathroom. Dispose of expired products and organize the rest using drawer dividers or baskets. Install shelves or cabinets to keep clear countertops and designate a specific area for daily-use items. You should also adopt a regular cleaning schedule to prevent clutter from accumulating, ensuring your bathroom remains a peaceful oasis.

Creating Harmony in Your Home Office

When working or studying from home, it is easy for the home office to become cluttered quickly. Optimize productivity by decluttering your workspace. Organize paperwork into folders and invest in storage solutions such as shelving or wall-mounted organizers. Keep only essential items on your desk to create a focused and inspiring environment.

If you have files and records cluttering your workspace, consider storing them in a climate-controlled unit from ClearHome. With an ideal storage temperature range and a wide array of sizes, you can keep your documents organized in a secure and easily accessible location.

Basement Organization

Assorted tools hanging on hooks on a basement wall

Now, let’s conquer the often-neglected basement. Transform it from a chaotic storage space to an organized haven by utilizing shelving to categorize items, making them easily accessible. Clear plastic bins are excellent for storing seasonal items, ensuring they stay protected and visible. Consider adding hooks or pegboards for tools and equipment as you organize the basement of your home, especially if you use it as a workshop or equipment storage room.

Keep Your Home Clean With ClearHome

Congratulations! You’ve successfully navigated the decluttering journey through every room of your home, creating a space that radiates peace and organization. As you continue keeping your home clean and organized, remember that ClearHome is here to help you every step of the way.

Even if you decide you don’t need a storage unit to keep your home clutter-free, you can find all the boxes, locks, packing materials, and essential storage supplies you need all under one roof. Enjoy the newly found breathing room in your home. Count on ClearHome to help you keep it tidy and liveable for the years to come.

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